It's all about recycling...

The Aluminum Industry was looking for a new brand. Industry leadership believed that people in DC didn't appreciate the sustainability of aluminum.

Just after the economic meltdown that lasted into 2009, the aluminum industry stepped up and launched the sustainability initiative that Gardner created. 

This wasn't just PR. The first year was spent on research, creating life-cycle analysis of various product categories to provide airtight data to support the messages that the industry would be using. At Gardner's urging the aluminum industry stepped forward and made their data public, challenging other materials like steel, glass, plastics and others to do the same. They declined. The EPA commended the aluminum industry for stepping forward in such a transparent way.

Gardner revamped communications, increasing coverage, starting the social media program and worked closely with his international colleagues. One signature moment was dealing with the "red mud" crisis in Hungary that led to significant coverage in the US. Gardner worked with reporters from CBS News, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and others.