I love taking selfies

I love taking selfies

My approach is pretty straight forward. When you hire communications expertise, whether it's from a giant agency or a one-man show, you're hiring talent and expertise.

Every consultant out there likes to have what I call a "consultant wonder wheel." It's usually a graphic that shows some version of a planning model with things like "Learn, Develop Strategy, Execute, Measure" and then you're back at learn. Usually there are a lot of buzz words to go along with it.

This is what I do.

I dig into your issue as much as I can to do the job I need to do. I'm never going to know your business as well as you do. But I'm going to learn enough to move the project forward.

I'm going to devise a plan that is aggressive. I don't do half measures. My job is to succeed for you. I don't do that by being tentative. If I tell you that this strategy hinges on Facebook or Twitter then I'm going to push the channel relentlessly until I break through.

My plan is going to entail everything I need to be successful including things that aren't traditionally "communications." Do we have the right data to tell the story? The right brand to back up our assertions? Are we willing to be compelling or are we only doing this to make stakeholders think we're busy.

I'm going to be honest about what I can accomplish and what I can't. I'm going to focus on breaking through.

This business is my life's dream. What I do for a living has not felt like "work" even one day.